Mason Geiger Photography & Film is a community driven media company, focused on quality storytelling & innovation.


Since 2013, Mason Geiger Photography & Film has stood by its deep belief and philosophy that supporting and nurturing your community is the greatest gift that art can give back to its supporters. Through the power of storytelling, Mason has been offering low cost, high quality film services for those who are looking for the most precious and heartfelt ways to reach, save, and change lives. 

Mason discovered film as a teen at Warsaw Community High School, where he began to see the world from new and interesting angles. He found that visual arts allowed him an avenue to explore these new found perspectives. This discovery continues to inspire him.

“My favorite part of film, is the ability to not only see our lives as others may see them, but the opportunity it gives to tell stories that could change the lives of those watching.”

As an award winning pianist, Mason had previously sought to see the world through melodies; however, after discovering film, he was quickly inclined to marry his two worlds and embark on a career in audio post production where he could use music and sound effects to inject emotion and feeling into film. Mason attended the Los Angeles Recording School, which led to work with 3rd Street ADR as a recording assistant. During his time with 3rd Street, Mason worked on TV shows such as Bones (FOX TV) and the Tom Hanks animated series Electric City.

While Los Angeles held exciting opportunities, Mason was called back to his home town with the hope of giving the same access to high quality services as his clients in LA. He began working with small businesses and non-profit organizations creating platforms where a wider audience could reach their mission and services. By recording and sharing customer testimonials, inspirational stories and interviews, Mason has taken his love for storytelling and used it to share important stories and messages that can reach those in need or those looking for change. 

Mason Geiger Photography & Film knows the power of technology and strives to bring the latest methods in the field of film to the community. Mason’s ultimate goal has always been centered on quality storytelling.


i3 Strategic Solutions

We had the privilege of partnering with i3 Strategic Solutions in creating video content to share their story and process.  Check out their company story via the link below.

Some of Our Clients

  • Kosciusko County Community Foundation

  • Kosciusko County Community Hospital

  • Kosciusko County YMCA


  • LMC Workholding

  • Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

  • Meridian Hills Country Club

  • MudLove

  • My Song & Light

  • OrthoPediatrics, Corp.

  • Picrow, Inc.

  • Premier Auger

  • Raise the Dough, Inc.

  • Red Star Manufacturing

  • Silveus Insurance Group

  • Surefire Digital Advertising

  • Surgical Power, Inc.

  • Team Hamman

  • Tour De Brew

  • TSA Communications

  • Warsaw Community Schools

  • Wick's Pies

  • Wildman Business Group