i3 Strategic Solutions - Promotional Film

We had the privilege of partnering with i3 Strategic Solutions in creating a promotional film to tell the story and process of their company.

"The strategy of i3 Strategic Solutions is to deliver value to the ideas of surgeons.  Through the i3 Strategic Solutions strategy, our team partners with surgeons who are thought leaders in their fields to develop and commercialize innovative Revenue Ready™ solutions.  In addition to delivering innovative solutions, we are committed to establishing effective packaging and delivery systems, creating effective marketing and educational support materials, and providing products with proven sales and clinical efficacy to our industry partners.  It’s what we call our “micro-commercialization” model and is what makes our solutions very different – and more effective.

We have even developed an innovative and creative way to stay close to our i3 surgeon team members while allowing us to operate more efficiently and conveniently.

We don’t just develop products – we create Strategic Solutions that serve our industry partners and allow them to be successful when integrated into their well established, worldwide sales and distribution systems."